Imagine your whole team on the same page, working together, no matter where they go. That's collaboration on boost.
Create a community for your program or team

Communities keep groups in sync, initiatives organized, and knowledge in everyone's hands.

Once you invite people to a community, they can access all of its conversations, events, files, media, tasks, polls, and meetings.

Communities can be public, private, or invisible.

Everyone on the same page

Once everyone on your team joins your community, everyone can stay in sync.

It's a new kind of collaboration experience, where documents, conversations, and knowledge no longer get lost in one-off emails. With communities, everything is in one place.

Share and store files

Communities provide a central place for each initiative to access documents, presentations, and other files.

By moving files from one-off email conversations to a central community, teams of all shapes and sizes can be more productive.

Easy, natural team communication

Communities have all the tools teams need to communicate, built-in.

Quick updates and group conversations are handled by a familiar message board. Messaging gives people the ability to communicate privately. And web conferences are a great option for meetings and deeper collaboration.

Organize with sub-groups

Sub-groups give communities the ability to break out into teams, allowing initiatives to organize smaller pieces of work, and the people, conversations, and files that surround them.

New project within a program? Just create a sub-group, add the right people, and archive it when you're done, so nothing ever gets lost.

With you anywhere

Boost gives you access to your communities on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, so whether you're in the office, at home, or on the go, you can stay in touch and up-to-date.

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Imagine your programs with all your personnel, partners, and participants on one platform. That's organization on boost.
Link communities to share and collaborate

The more groups your organization has, the harder it is to stay up-to-date on what's happening. It also gets harder to share knowledge and insights, so everyone can benefit from lessons learned.

By linking communities on boost, your people can share and collaborate across your organization, and across other organizations in your network.

Navigate every program

When your organization is on boost, every program and initiative has a home, its community. With three levels of privacy -- global public, public within your organization, and private -- you can make sure the right people have the right access to the right content.

It's a new kind of collaboration experience, where documents, conversations, and knowledge no longer get lost in one-off emails. With communities, everything is in one place.

Stay up to date and manage everything from your newsfeed

Boost removes friction from leadership at all levels. Dashboards and news feeds give you a birds-eye view of everything that's happening.

When you log in, you immediately see an update of everything that you've missed, as well as a view of events and conversations that require your attention.

Network-wide profiles and permissions organize people

You can easily upload all of your organization's members, staff, and other stakeholders into boost, and everyone has a network-wide profile.

When people join communities, their profile follows them, so everyone across your network knows each other, no matter where they are.

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Imagine reaching more people in more places, providing services and opportunities to learn and participate virtually. That's virtualization on boost.
Virtualize programs with conferencing

Organizations are traditionally limited by the number of people they can get to attend an event, training, or meeting, the number of staff on hand to help out, and the amount of physical space available.

Using boost, the 21st century nonprofit is able to scale programs larger and wider, reaching larger groups of people over wider geographic areas, with the latest web conferencing technology.

Meetings, trainings, classes, and events for every device, every platform.

Embedded in each community on boost is powerful web conferencing, so teams can conduct meetings, teachers can hold classes and seminars, and organizers can host events that include everyone, from anywhere.

Audio and video conferencing for up to 25 participants

Each community on boost has audio and video conferencing built in, so you can meet face-to-face, collaborate, and even deliver engaging talks or trainings.

If your teams require higher capacity conferencing for larger webinars and online events, advanced plans are available.

Present and collaborate with screen sharing, files, and chat

Web conferences in boost come with all the features you need to conduct a successful online meeting, training, or presentation.

Make it real for people by explaining with a visual aid. Share your screen to collaborate on a document, or walk through a website as a team. Watch YouTube videos together. And field questions with chat. All from an easy-to-use interface.

Over 300 social media integrations

boost has the platform you're already using built-in, so you can seamlessly integrate your web conferences with your other channels.

Invite your Google contacts to your video conference. Promote your webinar on LinkedIn. Host a live Twitter chat directly from your webinar. It's all possible, right out of the box.

Record and store sessions to retain and share knowledge

Easily record your web conferences, whether it’s an engaging small group discussion, or a powerful presentation to a large audience.

Store your recordings and play them back anytime, all within your boost community. And you can even share recordings across communities, to make your knowledge and insights accessible to others.

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Imagine growing your organization's revenue by providing new services, reaching more people, and doing it all online. That's virtualization on boost.
Three ways to monetize

The organizations we work with are always generating ideas for creative new services that provide more value for the communities they serve. Many times, executing on these ideas requires additional funds.

By building membership dues, sponsorships, and paid webinars into the core platform, boost gives you multiple ways to monetize your digital efforts, making these additional services possible.

Membership dues

On boost, you can choose the price members pay to be part of a community: free, or a dollar amount of your choice.

By being able to charge membership dues, you can create premium communities that feature valuable content and services while generating additional revenue.


You may choose to enable community sponsorships, which allow companies and brands to support your community's effort.

Revenue generated through sponsorships is simply deposited in your account, just as it is with dues and tickets, and in exchange, sponsors are given the opportunity have their products of offerings exposed to your members.

Ticketed webinars

Webinars, trainings, and other real-time video sessions you host on boost can be free, paid, or request an optional "chip-in" donation.

Now, your organization can monetize virtual events the same way you would live ones!

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